I am regaining consciousness
rising from a coma where I heard nothing,
besides the nattering of my own self-doubt.

I am awakening
from the restless slumber which took my sleep,
and tangled my days into nights without a care.

I am returning
to the body, which had remained for weeks, an empty shell:
living, yet not alive; nor wishing to be.

I am resurfacing
from the depths of a confusion that would drown me.
Gasping; breathing in a sweet lungful of hope

And I resolve to never return to that pit
in which I had flung myself.
And to climb mountains, one step at a time,
not complaining for the hardship that would take me higher.

And I resolve to be honest with my own self,
for a heavy heart is a difficult load to carry, on the journey up.
And I resolve never to forget;
for looking down reminds me, of how far I have come.

And I resolve to never lose hope,
despite the clouds that may obscure my goal.
And I resolve to remain humble, for even at the highest peak,
I shall never touch the sun. 

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