17/04/13. Friend.

Who held your hand when you fought the war
When the demons came for you, wanting more?
Who picked you up when you were on the ground
then, held you close so you wouldn't fall back down?

Who heard you whimper, who heard you cry
took all your madness, stayed by your side?
Who was your comfort in the blackest days
who shone the light to find you through the haze?

Who warmed your heart as it froze to ice
took the gamble with you, when you rolled the dice?
Who made you smile as you fought the tears
who was your armour through your darkest fears?

Who kept you afloat as you drowned alone
believed in the beauty of your heart and soul?

In your reckless abandon, in your selfish ways
did you ever thank the friend who never waived?
Who loved you despite you and all your flaws
who protected you from the worlds hungry jaws.

So this is their tribute- a late and sorry thought
as you realise at last, the wealth that they brought.
That wealth in joyful company- how could I ever repay?
I hope I get the chance, to make it up to you one day.

amina bhatti


  1. Anonymous17.4.13

    I'm going to b passing this on to a friend of mine- she's been my rock through everything and I can never thank her enough. But this poem will be a good start methinks :) x

  2. Very nice! I truly enjoyed it!